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Fall Dates

We have workshops in sourdough breads, German-style soft pretzels, croissants and holiday breads on the calendar this fall. Check out our workshops page for more details. Workshops now include a brick oven pizza lunch!

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Special Croissant:

Pain aux Raisins

This escargot-shaped croissant is filled with pastry cream and raisins and glazed with a house made citrus-infused syrup.

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Croissant Special:

Tomato, Provolone, & Basil Croissant

Croissant topped with local tomatoes, provolone, basil from our garden, and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.

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Rotating Bread Special!

Jalapeno Cheddar Sourdough

Our rustic sourdough loaded with Cabot cheddar and just the right amount of house-pickled jalapeños,

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Muddy Fork Farm & Bakery

Muddy Fork is home to Indiana’s only wood-fired brick-oven bakery, where we make the finest sourdough and whole-grain breads and croissants.  In summer 2020 we installed a solar array that fully powers our bakery.  We mill mostly Illinois-grown grains fresh for each bake on our stone mill. We make our bread in the ancient tradition–lots of water, freshly milled flour, salt and a wild leavening culture.  The fermentation is long and slow, and the loaves have a crust that crackles and a light, moist crumb that keeps for days.

We bake our bread and pastries in the early morning hours every Saturday and bring them at the peak of freshness to farmers’ market and stores.

“My wife is German, and grew up down the valley from a 15th century mill, whose current owners specialize in organic, artisanal breads. This European tradition of rich, healthy breads is hard to find in the American Midwest, but we finally found it in Muddy Fork Bakery. Their breads are delicious, and help one to understand how bread can be the staff of life.”

– Joseph Fitzgerald