We’re hiring!


Muddy Fork Bakery is hiring two Saturday-only staff positions doing farmers’ market sales and deliveries and one 3-days/week position for a baker.

(1) One of the Saturday hires will work primarily at the Bakery early in the morning, about 3 am in summer, helping package products, load up the Bakery van, and finishing with deliveries to stores and customers, driving our Sprinter van.

(2) The other Saturday hire will work primarily at the Woolery and Downtown farmers’ markets, meeting there at 7 am and finishing at 12:30 (Woolery) or 1:30 (Downtown), setting up the booth and doing sales. Someone with significant retail experience and reliable track record would be eligible to manage our Woolery booth, and would be paid $1 to $2 /hr extra.

Good candidates for the Saturday positions will have retail, serving, or kitchen experience, and references that attest to their work ethic, attitude towards coworkers and supervisors, and reliability.

(3) We are also hiring a baker to work Thursdays and Fridays on the bread crew, plus Saturdays doing one of the shifts described above. There will be the possibility of adding Mondays later on. Thursdays will be roughly 2pm to 7pm and Fridays roughly 1pm to 7pm. A good candidate will have kitchen experience, good recommendations, have shown longevity in their work history, and have an interest in bread.

Our bakery is about 9 miles NE of Bloomington. These position starts with training in March.  We are a small family-run bakery in northeast Monroe county with a tight-knit staff of about 8. We value equity in our work, and we believe in creating the best workplace environment possible.  We have a brick, wood-fired oven and specialize in artisan breads and baked goods. We operate 48 weeks of the year and need employees who are very reliable and in Bloomington year-round.

Pay for these position starts at $14 / hr, plus a share of tips (usually around $1 / hr), paid sick days, 4 paid weeks off per year (July 4, Thanksgiving and Winter Break), matching IRA contributions after 1500 hours of work, and we offer regular raises for good work.
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