Muddy Fork Bakery is committed to using organic and locally-grown ingredients. Our grains are all organic, grown mostly at Janie’s Farm in Ashkum, IL and mostly ground in our stone mill, fresh for each bake. We use locally raised / produced eggs, honey, meat and vegetables in our breads and pastries. We bake our bread in a brick, wood-fired oven on our homestead in northeast Monroe County. We specialize in naturally-leavened (sourdough) bread, a process that requires patience and time, but results in superior flavor, texture, nutrition, and keeping quality of the bread.

Bread with a Purpose

Muddy Fork Bakery was one of the first to join the Neighbor Loaves project. We commit to baking 75 whole wheat loaves each week and delivering them to Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard.

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Rustic Sourdough Wide

Rustic Sourdough

Whole Wheat Loaf

Whole Wheat


Oatmeal Wheat

Seeded KAMUT®

Seeded KAMUT®

Whole Kamut No Seeds

Whole KAMUT®

Jewish Rye With Crumb

Jewish Rye

Danish Rye

Danish Rye



Multigrain Sourdough Gluten-Free

Multigrain Sourdough (gluten-free)