Artisan Bread Weeklong Intensive

Focus on hearth-baked sourdough breads in this 5-day course with Muddy Fork’s founding baker and teacher Eric Schedler.  Eric is a working baker, responsible for mixing, shaping and baking Muddy Fork’s 300+ loaves and 600+ pastries every week.  A former high-school teacher, he is also an inviting host and patient teacher, and has taught over 50 baking workshops.

The fall 2017 course runs Sept 24 – 28.  See the registration page.

We host this course in our production bakery, where we mill all our whole-grain flours on a stone mill, and bake in our 7 1/2 – foot deep brick, wood-fired oven.  Each day, we will make 70 to 100 loaves together.

Registration for the course is limited to six students, includes lunch and includes an invitation to shadow our weekly production and baking on the 6th day.

Who is this course designed for?

This weeklong course is for home baking enthusiasts, budding professionals,  and business owners wanting to add bread to their repertoire.  We are sensitive to the needs of the group and will adjust the focus based on participants’ interests.

Course Overview by Day:

  1. Medium and high-hydration doughs with mixed flours
  2. Whole-grain wheat and spelt doughs; baguettes
  3. Whole-grain kamut and heavily seeded doughs; croissants
  4. Rye breads
  5. Participants’ choice: revisit challenges & design a bread

Participants will

  • learn to control the natural fermentation process of sourdoughs
  • learn to mix doughs to proper development made from a variety of grains, including wheat, spelt, rye and kamut
  • gain experience with shaping doughs both in flour and water
  • learn to score loaves of different shapes
  • learn to load and unload loaves to the hearth using a traditional wooden peel
  • learn about wood-fired oven management & safety
  • gain experience using a rolling pin to laminate, roll and shape croissants
  • gain experience using commercial bakery equipment, including an 80-quart dough mixer and a reversible dough sheeter
  • learn to work in baker’s percentages and baker’s math
  • learn about the business side of operating a bakery

A typical day will start at 9 am with a short gathering to review the previous day’s activities and preview the upcoming day, answer questions and take input from the participants.  Then we will bake the bread prepared the previous day, which has proofed overnight in the cooler.  We will prepare dough for the day’s small afternoon bake and mill flour for a larger batch.  Over lunch we will dissect the bread from the morning bake.  After lunch we will prepare dough, continue with the dough mixed in the morning, shape and bake it, and end the day shaping the larger batch of dough and pushing it into the cooler for the night.  We will end class around 5 pm each day.

Weather-permitting, we will have lunch and discussions in our outdoor garden space.

Cost for the weeklong course is $900, which includes all ingredients, materials, recipes, starter to take home, lunches and as much of the baked product as you can take with you.  It also includes the option to stay for a sixth day to shadow our weekly production of bread and pastries.

We have one scholarship available per course, a need-based waiver of up to 2/3 the registration fee, which is intended for individuals with a strong interest in pursuing a baking career.

Dates & Times:  We are currently taking registrations for the fall course, which runs noon to 5 pm on Sunday, September 24, and 9 am to 5 pm September 25 to 28, with the option to shadow our production between 8 am on September 29 and 1 am on September 30.

Register here.

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