Weeklong Intensive Testimonials

Muddy Fork’s weeklong baking course was a wonderful experience. I appreciated the opportunity to bake so many different breads as well as croissants, bagels and pretzels. I loved the chance to work with the oven directly and to make large quantities of bread all week. A highlight is the focus on diverse grains and on how to build recipes. I feel much more confident in myself as a baker, and I understand artisan bread in a whole new way. This course has helped me get started on my journey as a professional baker in my community.  –Andy, fall 2018

This course summed up many years of trial and error amateur baking into 5 days, solving all of my perennial hangups in the realm of whole grain, hearth bread baking! Also, the massive quantity of bread we worked with allowed for a great familiarity with many types of dough, leaving me with invaluable texture and feel memory, which shall serve me for many years to come. I can’t think of a better 5 days for the passionate baker! plus, you get to eat as much as you want… dangerous when its croissant bake day.  –Jeff, fall 2018

Muddy Fork’s Artisan Bread Weeklong Workshop was absolutely fantastic! I highly recommend this class whether you are a home baker, you aspire to work professionally or you currently work professionally. Eric is a phenomenal teacher because of his in-depth skills, his ability to explain instructions and baker’s math, and his committed patience. We made around 18 types of flavorful artisan bread including croissants, pretzels, spelt, kamut, seeded, rustic, ryes, ciabatta, challah, etc. This was truly a baking production experience by making 70-140 loaves per day. Eric and his family’s enthusiasm is contagious. A hot croissant and pretzel fresh out of the wood oven is a rare and absolutely delicious experience. We were able to take home plenty of bread for family and friends. Also, Eric provided delicious lunches everyday. For the cost, this workshop is definitely worth it. For the experience, this workshop is very thorough and full of information so that now I feel confident to bake with success at home. This workshop was stellar way beyond my excited expectations. –Kelly, spring 2019

For anyone wanting an intensive exposure to the techniques involved in making naturally fermented artisan breads using brick ovens, this class is a must. Recipe formulation, fermentation, proofing, bread shaping, scoring and baking are all covered in a helpful friendly setting that will give you more hands-on experience than you would get in 10 years of baking at home.  –Clay, spring 2019


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