“Muddy Fork’s rye bread is the closest to old-world inspired, New York delectable I’ve ever had! Love it!”
Sue Swartz

“My wife is German, and grew up down the valley from a 15th century mill, whose current owners specialize in organic, artisanal breads. This European tradition of rich, healthy breads is hard to find in the American Midwest, but we finally found it in Muddy Fork Bakery. Their breads are delicious, and help one to understand how bread can be the staff of life.”
Joseph Fitzgerald

“Eric, the croissant we purchased from you this morning at the winter
market… absolutely world class fantastic! The delicate crisp toasted
exterior, gorgeous color, and that sumptuous buttery airy layered
interior, with the perfect chew.. best Bloomington has every
experienced. Bravo! Your hand churned butter and mastery of the
laminating dough process, with perfect cooking, is a true delight.”
Robert Shakespeare

“Coming home with a freshly-baked loaf of Muddy Fork Bakery bread is like bringing sensory goodness into your kitchen.  The honey whole wheat tastes truly divine and its smell, as it toasts, makes the anticipation even greater.  The sound of the crunch feels like wholesome goodness in each bite and the appearance makes any meal a treat.  Buying bread is a simple act, but with Muddy Fork Bakery it is sublime!”

Jan Grant

“Katie and Eric’s bread is simple. It’s made of just a few organic ingredients that I know and appreciate. It’s all about how one puts the ingredients together into the final form, and Katie and Eric surely know their bread making. Their bread is just delicious. My son and I usually end up eating half a loaf at the Bloomington Farmer’s Market where we pick the bread up. I am a very happy subscription customer, and I recommend this delicious bread to friends and strangers.”
Marcin Zalewski

“The bread is delicious. It tastes like the bread that I have always meant to make myself. It is much easier—and probably much better—to get Eric and Katie’s bread.”
Ellen Brantlinger

“I highly recommend this bread.  When I vend at the Bloomington  Market each Saturday, the question is not what to have for breakfast, but what flavor of bread to have from Katie and Eric.  With some local cheese and a little fruit, it’s a feast.”
Bobbi Boos

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