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Why subscribe?

When you subscribe, you pay 10% less for everything and you don’t have to remember to put in your order every week, or worry about coming late to farmers’ market and find your favorite product sold out.  Plus, you are supporting our bakery and our amazing bakers by helping keep our production steady through the changing seasons.

How does it work?

Fill out the form and tell us what you’d like every Saturday.  You’ll choose a pickup location from seven neighborhood drop points, the Bakery, Bloomingfoods East and Woolery / Switchyard farmers’ markets.  You can also choose home delivery if your weekly order is at least $25.  We bill subscriptions monthly, based on 49 orders per year, with a 10% discount off the regular price.  We will pro-rate subscriptions for new customers so you can join at any time.  When you go out of town, you can skip your order that week and get extra another week.  You can place an additional order at our online store any time, and if the pickup location is the same, we will put the orders together.

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