Irish Soda Bread

We will be making a traditional, whole wheat Irish Soda Bread for pickup on Saturday, March 17 at the Bloomington and Indy winter farmers’ markets.

Traditional soda bread is made with just flour, buttermilk, soda and salt.  We will use 100% freshly-milled soft wheat in our loaves.

To make a purchase:

  1. Fill out the Order Form
  2. Pay by credit card or paypal with one of the buy buttons below.

Order 1 large loaf (32 oz / $10) here:

Order 2 large loaves ($20) here:

Order 1 small loaf (16 oz / $5.50) here:

Order 2 small loaves ($11) here:


You can pick up your loaves any time during the Bloomington or Indy winter farmers’ market on Saturday, March 17 from 9 am to 12:30 pm.  In the order form, you will choose the pickup location.

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