Pinewoods Family Week Pretzel Making Workshop

Eric is offering this class in authentic, German-style soft pretzels specially for the Family Week community.

Lye-dipped Pretzels

An authentic German Soft Pretzel has a soft and fat belly in the middle, crisp thin arms, a deep reddish-brown shine, and that intensely savory pretzel flavor that only comes from a dip in a real lye solution.

This hands-on workshop will be fun for the entire family! We will ship you the ingredients ahead of the class. Follow along from home step-by-step with owner, baker and experienced teacher Eric Schedler. Visit with Eric and your other Pinewoods friends throughout the day of the class, as we make a dozen soft pretzels. There will be ample time for discussion and asking questions.  We will have one active period of thirty minutes in the morning to mix dough, and a two-hour period in the afternoon to roll, shape, dip, score and bake the pretzels.

  1. Fill out the Registration Form.
  2. Send $10 for the ingredient kit plus a pay-what-you-can donation to (PayPal) or @muddyfork (Venmo). Ordinary charge for this class is $50 per household.

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