Pain au chocolat


Pretzel croissants


Almond croissants

Pain aux raisins





We make our croissants with a blend of yeasted and sourdough preferments, giving them a depth of flavor that complements the cultured grassfed butter we roll between the layers of dough.  In addition to the classic croissant, we are also making croissants filled with chocolate, homemade almond paste, spinach and swiss (from Twilight Diary), ham and swiss, fresh seasonal fruits, homemade jams, and pretzel croissants.
























Lye-dipped Pretzels

Our pretzels are made from an authentic German recipe that comes from the small town where Eric was a high-school exchange student. The bakers there showed him how to twist the preztels with a swing of the wrist and Eric remembered it 10 years later when we started making pretzels. We make them the traditional German way, by adding a touch of pork lard to the dough (from Padgett Family Farm) and dipping them briefly in a lye solution just before baking.




IMG_1539 Toasted-Oat Scones

These scones are nearly 40% whole grain, in the form of rolled oats, toasted at low heat in our oven.  We use our own cultured buttermilk, the by-product of our butter production, to give them a tender fluffiness.  Look for seasonal fresh berries garnishing our oat scones.



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