We mill organic wheat, spelt, rye and Kamut® on our Danish stone mill for each bake on the day before mixing doughs.  Our hard wheat, soft wheat and Kamut® flours are available in bulk at Bloomingfoods East and West.

We also mill to order for market pickup.  We mill Thursdays, and orders must be placed by Wednesday night.  We can mill 2 lb, 5 lb, 10 lb and 25 lb bags.  Prices are

Clockwise from top left: hard red spring wheat, spelt, rye, kamut

Soft wheat (pastry) $2 / lb

Hard wheat $2 / lb

Spelt $3 / lb

Kamut $2.50 / lb

Rye $2 / lb

All grains are organic and freshly-milled.  To order, fill out our contact form.


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