Muddy Fork Bakery is committed to using organic and locally-grown ingredients.  Our heirloom whole wheat, rye, spelt and KAMUT® khorasan wheat are organic and freshly ground in our stone mill.  We use locally raised / produced eggs, honey, meat and vegetables in our breads and pastries.  We bake our bread in a brick, wood-fired oven on our homestead in northeast Monroe County.  We specialize in naturally-leavened (sourdough) bread, a process that requires patience and time, but results in superior flavor, texture, nutrition, and keeping quality of the bread. Read more about our baking process here.

Rustic Sourdough

Bread in the best of the ancient tradition.  We use a lot of water and fire to achieve a bread that has a dark, crisp crust and creamy, moist interior.

Turkey Red Wheat

Made from 100% freshly stone-milled organic heirloom whole wheat, rolled in either sesame or sunflower seeds, and leavened with the same culture as the rustic sourdough. Whole-grain sourdough has a wonderfully complex flavor. This recipe was inspired by the delicious whole-grain sourdoughs that Eric ate in Germany as an exchange student many years ago.

Oatmeal Wheat

A deliciously moist and light sandwich bread, the oatmeal wheat is leavened by both sourdough and yeast, and is made from 60% freshly-milled turkey red whole wheat. The large percentage of cooked organic steel-cut oats give this bread a moistness that holds for most of the week.

Seeded KAMUT®

Made from 60% freshly stone-milled organic KAMUT® khorasan wheat and a healthy dose of flax, pumpkin, sesame and poppy seeds, and leavened with our sourdough culture.  KAMUT® wheat is an ancient strain of wheat with a naturally sweet flavor and higher protein and iron content than modern wheats.  The seeds create an aroma of freshly-baked bagels, and the crumb is wonderfully moist and keeps many days.

Whole KAMUT®

Made from 80% whole grain, organic KAMUT® ground fresh on our stone mill and 20% bolted wheat flour from Janie’s Mill.  The beautiful golden color and naturally sweet, aromatic quality of the grain shines through in this simple bread.  Available with no seeds or rolled in sesame, poppy and fennel, the traditional flavors of Italian semolina bread, which is made from durum wheat, the modern relative of Kamut.

Jewish Rye

Real rye bread like our New York grandparents made. 40% rye (freshly milled), 60% white flour, sourdough bread with caraway seeds. We love the flavor of freshly ground rye flour so we use plenty of it, and we don’t cover it up with too much caraway.

DanishRyeDanish Rye

Traditionally northern European rye, made with just organic rye, water and salt.  Most of the rye is ground on our stone mill, but some is sprouted and added to the loaf for some added nutrition and interesting texture.  This bread keeps for weeks.


We make our baguette with a combination of sourdough culture and yeast.  It has a crisp, thin crust from baking directly on the brick of the oven.


We bake this bread on-site in our pizza oven at the Bloomington farmers’ market from April to November, and sell it while it’s hot.  We make focaccia with our pizza dough recipe, which has 20% freshly-milled spelt and 20% freshly-milled kamut flours.  The combination of grains gives a dough that is richly-flavored, smooth, tender, and easy to stretch.

Multigrain Sourdough (no gluten)

During the summer of 2017, we spent several months testing gluten-free flours and binders and developing a gluten-free sourdough starter.  Modeled after our best-selling seeded Kamut bread, this bread is 2/3 whole-grain, is leavened with a mix of sourdough starter and yeast, and is full of delicious and nutritious flax and pumpkin seeds, and rolled in sesame and poppy seeds.  No xanthan gum — the only ingredients are flours, water, salt, yeast, psyllium husk and a touch of local honey.  You can find this bread served at Feast cafe in Bloomington.

Learn more about our baking process here.

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