Pizza, Bagel & Flatbread Baking Workshop

Nubagel is a new bagel shop in Kensington Market that bakes bagels in a wood-fired over at 240 Augusta Ave. February 22, 2013. RANDY RISLING/TORONTO STAR

In this workshop, we will focus on baking in the brick oven with a live fire.  We will make Montreal-style bagels, wood-fired pizzas, and flatbreads.

Montreal-style bagels are boiled just like their New-York cousins, but afterwards they are baked in a brick oven with a live fire.  They bake for a few minutes on water-soaked wood boards and are then turned out onto the hearth to crisp up.

While we have the fire going, each participant will prepare their own pizza for lunch and try out our traditional wooden peels for loading and unloading.  We will also make some pitas and focaccia in the intense oven heat.

Each participant will go home with a dozen bagels, a focaccia and a few pitas, as well as recipes, a piece of our sourdough starter, and instructions on how to care for it.

This workshop is usually offered on a Sunday and runs from 10 am to 4 pm.

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