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Greetings Bread Customers!

Leda Ivy Schedler

Leda Ivy Schedler

Our daughter, Leda Ivy, was born on May 11.  We took one week off from market but are glad to be back.  Leda made her first appearance at market last week and we hope to bring her again so you can all meet her.

Market Schedule:
We will be at the Bloomington Community Farmers Market every Saturday through the end of November.   Hours are 8 am to 1 pm.  The market is located in the parking lot of the Showers building on Morton St.

Our specialty bread for the season continues to be the Ciambella Mandorlata, a delicious Italian sweet bread topped with almonds.  Later this season look for tomato-rosemary bread, focaccia, and a favorite from last year, Pan de Muertos, a bread for day of the dead that is flavored with anise seed.

Look for our dill pickles to return in mid-late July.  We’ve been getting requests for them all winter long!!

We began making honey-almond granola at the end of April, featuring Hunters’ honey.  By Saturday evenings, the oven temperature has fallen to about 330 degrees, which is perfect for slow-baking the granola.  The moderate, even heat means that we can load the oven with 6 trays of granola and they bake perfectly without the need for rotating the trays or stirring the granola.  We are glad to take advantage of the leftover heat in the oven and to offer a new product that many of you have enjoyed.

We are finishing up work on our wholesale license this month.  We just have to install a couple more sinks, do some paperwork, and have our final inspection.  We are excited to begin marketing the bread in local restaurants.  We have been in touch with several chefs in Bloomington and hope to add a full day of baking on Thursday for wholesale.  Baking on back-to-back days is the most efficient way to use our brick oven, as it only takes a small amount of wood to bring it back up to baking temperature.

While we have continued to enjoy a delicious harvest from our garden, we missed many important planting dates in the weeks after the birth of our daughter.  This means we are largely putting on hold our plans to sell vegetables or use our production for the business, at least for this year.  We still hope to have some fresh produce to sell at the Winter Market, however.

We are excavating a place to build a root cellar next week.  It will be dug into a hillside, and the construction is with blocks and concrete.  It will be a great place to keep storage crops, and a cool spot to keep our pickles in the summer.  It will also serve as a safe storm shelter for us.

Now is the time to sign-up for or renew your bread subscriptions.  We take subscriptions on a 3-month basis and our now filling our shares for July, August and September.  We sincerely appreciate the support that our subscribers have provided us during the past year and have enjoyed getting to know all of you.  We couldn’t do it without you!  For more information or to subscribe, see the attached document or feel free to contact us via phone, e-mail or at our stand.

Why Subscribe?
-You are guaranteed to receive your preferred variety of freshly-baked hearth bread each week
-You will receive 10% off the market price
-You will have the opportunity to eat fresh, wholesome bread made from locally-grown and organic ingredients on a weekly basis.
-You will gain satisfaction knowing that you are supporting a small-scale family business that strives to produce food in a sustainable manner.

Did you know that Muddy Fork Farm bakes a 100% rye bread on the third Saturdays of every month?  This all-natural, German-style bread is nearly gluten-free and does not contain caraway seeds.  Want to give it a try on June 18?  Then give us a call or e-mail or stop by our market stand to subscribe to this specialty bread.  Many of our customers purchase 2-4 loaves to freeze for the month.  We only make a few extras, so if you’d like us to reserve you some, subscribe today!

Raber Farm Tour:

On Sunday, October 9, the fall farm tour takes us to Titus Raber’s, where we will serve our bread along with a delicious farm dinner that is in the works.  You can sign up through Bloomington Parks and Recreation at

Take care and enjoy the beautiful weather!

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