Fall Newsletter

Happy Fall!

Here at the bakery we are glad for some cooler baking weather!  Our first full summer of baking with our wood-fired oven was very successful, and excessively hot on only a few Fridays.  We have become proficient with firing the oven to achieve just the right baking temperature and with timing the bread to be ready at the same time as the oven.  Stress levels have gone down, and our product has become more consistent.

What’s New

Today we passed our wholesale inspection!  We are eager to hit the sidewalks and line up restaurant and retail accounts.  We are looking primarily for restaurants for the bread because we think they will be better able to accommodate a weekly delivery schedule.  We will look to stores to carry our granola, which has a longer shelf life.  Granola sales have been increasing rapidly as more market customers try it and love it.  This season, we’re adding granola subscriptions to our offerings.  Learn more below.

Our summer specialty bread was rosemary foccacia, made with rosemary from our garden.  It was very popular and we look forward to making it again next summer.  With the fall weather we have switched to Pan de Muertos, a sweet anise bread for Day of the Dead.  It also has local eggs and orange zest for a fruity overtone.  This bread was very popular last year and we hope you will try it if you haven’t already.

Become a Subscriber

We are now filling shares for October, November and December.  This last quarter is critical for us, because having subscribers carry into the winter market season helps us maintain our sales at the smaller Bloomington Winter Farmers Market.  Encourage your friends to subscribe, or buy them a subscription as a gift!  Tell people how great the winter market is.  We need higher attendance at the winter market, and so do all the other great vendors.

Download the subscription form here.

Muddy Fork in the Community
Sunday, Oct 9, 2:15-8:15pm
Harvest Gathering: A fundraiser for the Center for Justice and Mediation
Tuesday, November 1, 6-9pm
Harvest Dinner:  A fundraiser for the Local Growers Guild
Thursday, November 3
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